Story Titles  

  Comp 18A  

begin with
big letters

A title is the
name of the
story. Titles
tell what the
story is about.

game, bat,
ball, bases

My mother takes me shopping. We go to many stores
and buy a dress, a hat, gloves and other clothes.

1.  Shop  Dress
A good title
is We Shop .

2. shopping  hat
The story is
about _______.

3.  stores  food
Story is not
about ______.

Wings are useful and pretty. Birds and butterflies have
wings. So do airplanes that speed us on our way.

4.  Wings  Birds
A good title
is ______.

5.  speed  wings
The story is
about ______.

6.  birds  sky
Story is not
about ______.