of Events

  Comp 19A  

In Order

Sentences tell
a story if they
are in order.
(a) We went
      to the zoo.
(b) We saw

(a) went
(b) saw

Write the sentence letters (a,b) in order.

(a) Swim in sea.
(b) Go to beach.

1.   b , a

(a) Bell rings.
(b) Open door.

2.  ___,___

(a) Read story.
(b) Open book.

3.  ___,___

(a) Starts to rain.
(b) Use umbrella.

4.  ___,___

(a) Eat an apple.
(b) Pick apples.

5.  ___,___

(a) Come to table.
(b) Sit at the table.

6.  ___,___