Comp 27A  

You must think
of your own end
to some stories.

Good dragon
or bad dragon?

Write the better word for a good end to each story.

The wind was strong.
The kite string broke.

1.  away  better
The kite flew
far  away.

Dave got a balloon.
He stuck a pin in it.

2.  popped  sang
The balloon

Jill sipped her drink.
A bird bumped it.

3.  froze  spilled
The drink

Sherry felt sick and
headed for home.

4.  swing  bed
She went to
her ______.

Sam hit the ball hard.
It sailed over the fence.

5.  bad  good
Sam is a very
______ player.

Mother baked a cake.
Then she made a pie.

6.  lazy  busy
Mother was
quite ______.