Comp 30A  


Riddles are
word puzzles.

I fly, I make
noise and you
can ride me.
What am I?


Write the answer to each riddle.

I have four legs.
I sit on the floor.
But you sit on me.

1.  chair  lamp

I live high in trees.
I am usually green.
But can turn brown.

2.  leaf  fruit

I have a front and back.
Words are in my belly.
I tell a good story.

3.  mom  book

I live inside a house.
I rest on the floor.
You can walk on me.

4.  dog  rug

I fly high in the sky.
I sing a pretty song.
I was born in a nest.

5.  cat  bird

You can throw me.
You can kick me.
I don't mind.

6.  bat  ball