of Events

  Comp 32A  

In Order

Sentences tell
a story only when
in the right order.
(a) Go to a park.
(b) Launch kite.
(c) Fly your kite.

go to a park,
launch & fly kite

Write the sentence letters (a,b,c) in order.

(a) Play with them.
(b) Buy balloons.
(c) Fill with air.

1.   b , c , a

(a) Read the book.
(b) Close the book.
(c) Open the book.

2.  __,__,__

(a) Pick the apple.
(b) Eat the apple.
(c) Wash the apple.

3.  __,__,__

(a) The sun rises.
(b) The sun sets.
(c) Day is hot.

4.  __,__,__

(a) Write a story.
(b) Write down notes.
(c) Build an outline.

5.  __,__,__

(a) Run to 1st base.
(b) Pick up a bat.
(c) Hit the ball.

6.  __,__,__