the Speaker  

  Comp 35A  

Who Is

Quote marks
go around
the "talk."

said the cow.

the cow

 "What are you eating?" asked Cindy with a hungry look on her face.
"Lots of fruit," said Marc. Then he added, "Would you like a pear?"

1.  Cindy  Marc
  Cindy  has a
hungry look.

2. Cindy  Marc
_______ was
eating fruit.

3.  talk  share
Marc offers
to _______.

Ann wanted to go to the store for candy. "All right," her mother agreed,
"but also buy cheese for dinner."  "With or without mice?" Ann joked.

4. milk  candy
Ann wanted to
buy ______ .

5. Ann  Mother
______ wanted
dinner cheese.

6. Ann  Mother
______ joked
about mice.