True or False  

  Comp 36A  


Maria likes to
read. Stories
she likes best
are all about
pioneer days. 

Maria likes to read
about pioneers. (True)

Jeff likes to draw the things in his yard. Sometimes he draws flowers,
bushes or trees. His favorite subjects are butterflies that come to visit.

Jeff likes to draw
flowers in his yard.

1.  true or false

Jeff loves to draw
colorful butterflies.

2.  true or false

Jeff hates to draw
bushes and trees.

3.  true or false

Most people just have a dog or cat. Not Jamie, she has two rats,
a raccoon and a rabbit. I think she likes animals that begin with "r".

Jamie has lots of
dogs and cats.

4.  true or false

Jamie has not one,
but two, little rats.

5.  true or false

She even has a raccoon
and a bunny rabbit.

6.  true or false