Comp 51A  


How do you
think you
would feel if
it happened
to you?

feel silly

Mother had been working all day and had run out of steam.
Allie asked, "May I do something to help?" Mother replied,
"I sure could use a pot of tea. It's very kind of you to ask."

1.  tired  alert
Mother was
feeling  tired .

2.  coffee  tea
Mother would like
a pot of ______.

3.  cute  kind
She thought Allie
was being ______.

Jackson tried to run but his legs felt weak and he moved too slowly.
There was a huge tiger right behind him. Then it morphed into a red
dragon. "What's happening? Help, help!" At last, Jackson woke up.

4.  tired  weak
Jackson's legs felt
very ______.

5.  tiger  elephant
He was chased by
a huge _______.

6.  sickness  dream
Jackson was just
having a _______.