Author's Intent  

  Comp 52A  

Author's Purpose
Stories are written
for a reason.
Think about it.

plant will die

Of all the vegetables in my gardern, peas are my favorite. The vines
are easy to grow and fun to harvest. You can pop the peas right out
of their pods and eat them raw. But pea soup is the best of the best.

The author encourages
you to plant pea  ?
in your garden.

1.  vines  trees

Of all the vegetables,
the author likes  ?
the very best.

2.  corn  peas

Do you think the author
would like pea soup
for dinner tonight?

3.  yes  no

You can't be serious. Peas are the worst vegetable in the garden. They
taste terrible. They roll off your plate. Pea soup is just green glue. When
I was small, a pea got stuck in my nose. Peas are the worst of the worst.

The three lines above
give quite a different
opinion of  ?

4.  ________

The author thinks peas
 ?  off your plate when
you try to eat them.

5.  ________

The author also thinks
pea soup is nothing
more than green  ?

6.  ________

Apparently, a pea got
stuck in his  ?

7.  ________

What could have caused
his hatred of peas?

8.  ________

What do you think of
peas and pea soup?

9.  ________