Ideas, Events,
 Speech & Tone 

Test C

Write the better blue word.

What does it
look like?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

I fly, sing and lay
eggs in a nest.

16.   _______

nest  bird

What are dolls, balls
and train sets?

17.   _______

toys  round

A good title for a story
about dogs, cats and
birds in cages.

18.   _______

Cats  Pets

We went to the zoo
and saw lots of animals.
What did we do first?

19.   _______

saw  went

Mike saw a bear eating
apples in his front yard.
Where was the bear?

20.   _______

yard  apple

"Jane, you must stop
right now," said Tom.
Who is talking?

21.   _______

Jane  Tom

Jeffs laughs at his cute
little mouse. How do
you think Jeff feels?

22.   _______

happy  cute

"This is a great storm,"
Greg said with a smile.
How does Greg feel?

23.   _______

scared  glad