Ideas, Events,
 Keys & Truth 

Test E

Answer with the better blue word.

What does it
look like?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

Some pies are sweet
and some are tart,
but all are yummy.
How does pie taste?

31.   _______

sweet  good

Put in the right order:
(a) Mix in a big bowl.
(b) Buy flour and milk.
(c) Bake in an oven.

32.   _______

b,c,a   b,a,c

Jack is good in sports
but even better at lunch.
What do you think Jack
likes to do more?

33.   _______

play  eat

I love our ranch. I can
ride a big horse, pet a pig
and even feed a chicken.
What is this story about?

34.   _______

horse  ranch

Jane wondered, "When
will the rain stop so I
can play with Mary?"
Who is thinking?

35.   _______

Jane  Mary

John likes to play soccer,
not read about it. Is it
true that he likes words
more than action?

36.   _______

true  false

The spider moved to the
center of its web and
wrapped a fly in silk.
Describe this scene?

37.   _______

funny  creepy

Tom looked me square
in the eye and gave
a big thumbs up.
How was Tom feeling?

38.   _______

strong  weak