Ideas, Titles
 & Paragraphs 

Test G

Write the better blue word.

What does it
look like?

Example:   bee  

bee  ant

What single word best
describes a zoo?

44.   _______

tiger  animals

Why do we have the

45.   _______

races  sports

A story titled School
would be mostly about
what part of school life?

46.   _______

learning  books

I am a cross between a
horse and a candy cane.
What could I be?

47.   _______

candy  zebra

This thing lives under the
ground, above the ground
and high in the blue sky.

48.   _______

tree  cloud

When I saw the ghost,
chills ran down my spine
and I began shivering.

49.   _______

scary  cold

He started to shout and
his face turned a very
deep red color.

50.   _______

hot  angry

The clown carefully put
makeup on his face
then fell as he walked.

51.   _______

silly  pretty