Sulfites and Chronic Disease

The notebook "Sulfites and Chronic Disease" includes most of my original story plus new information on natural sulfites, the biology of sensitivity, chronic diseases affected by sulfites, supplements that can increase your tolerance, calculating sulfites from nutrition labels, clean foods, travel tips, hospital visits, a database of sulfites in prescription medications and an expanded database of retail foods. Physcially, it is a binder with 8.5x11 inch pages to accommodate the extensive tables of the database. It is not available as an eBook. The "Table of Contents" is presented below:

Part One

1. Demon Mischief (introduction and legal notice)
2. Naming the Demons (identification and uses of sulfites)
3. Are You Sensitive? (your sensitivity and commonly sulfited foods)
4. The Brimstone Tables (ingredients and sulfite concentrations)
5. The Brimstone Demons (discussion of the major sources of sulfite) 
6. The Brimstone Chemicals (discussion of food color and chemicals)
7. The Brimstone Naturals (discussion of natural sulfur oxide in food)
8. Demon Chemistry (body chemistry as it relates to sulfite metabolism)
9. An Explosion of Demons (statistical presentation of sulfite growth)
10. The Fall and Rise of Asthma (exam of the explosion of asthma)
11. Sulfite Allergic Response (allergic responses and elimination diets)
12. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia (sulfites in chronic disease)
13. Headaches for All Occasions (types of headaches and drugs)
14. Babies and Formula (discussion of sulfites in baby formula)
15. A Few Conclusions (suggestions for public policy)

Part Two

16. Defending Yourself (charts to help with your sulfite battle)
17. Extreme Measures and Egg Whites (hints for the very sensitive)
18. Food Nutrition Labels (use food labels to predict sulfite levels)
19. Example Food Calculations (sulfite calculations using labels)
20. Sulfite Safe Foods (list of foods that contain the least sulfites)
21. Holidays and Parties (tips for surviving the social scene)
22. Restaurants and Travel (tips for eating out and traveling)
23. Sulfite Test Techniques (discussion of available chemical tests)
24. Hospitals and Medications (what to do when in a hospital)
25. The Drug Database (discussion of sulfites in prescription drugs)
26. The Food Database (explanation of the food database)


27. Drug Database Appendix A/B (sulfite listings for over 300 drugs)
28. Food Database Appendix C/D (sulfite listings for over 2000 foods)
29. Worksheet Appendix E (food diary, food lists and label calculations)

This notebook is not intended for people with only a mild sulfite condition. If you can tolerate a few sips of wine, the free eBook on this website should enable you to control your symptoms by avoiding the major demons. Becoming overly paranoid about sulfites in food may not be in your best interests if less stringent measures will suffice.

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