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Repairing Rybett and Numeritronix BTRs

Rybett Camstore BTR interfaces, shop computers and DNC software have been interfaced to over 10,000 machine tools worldwide. We also manufactured the Exec 150 and 1501 BTR terminals for Numeritronix. For all products, we maintain spare parts - just the prescription your doctor ordered for sick machine interfaces. We also provide free service notes; just click "Helpful WebDocs" on the Rybett home page. Sales and service of Rybett BTR products are handled by Timm Computer in Nevada. For more information, please contact:

Timm Computer
Phone: (702) 897-1385
Fax Mach: (702) 897-9566

Book Pile ( free information on electronics, electromagnets, remedial reading, prescription drugs, online pharmacy )Installation or Reinstallation

Whether you are installing a Rybett product for the first time or reinstalling an older one, it is important to check out your system. This is important for two reasons: you must be sure that everything is working properly and you must understand how it works.

1. Make sure you understand how to operate the target machine tool control. If a BTR is to be installed, operate the control from paper tape. If you can't run the machine, just search to a block number. This tests the tape reader input logic and teaches you how to work with the machine. Since a BTR emulates a tape reader, it uses the same input circuits and operator controls. If a BTR is not involved and you wish to use a machine's serial RS232 port, make sure you understand how to load memory, punch from memory and alter the port parameters.

2. If you are installing a BTR interface, follow the instructions specific to your control. After installing the interface card and harness, use the "Deadhead Plug" to place the BTR in a bypass condition. Then operate the machine from paper tape, just as you did when checking out the machine. If everything works, remove the "Deadhead" and connect to your DNC computer.

3. Make sure your DNC computer ports are working properly. Rybett software includes the programs TESTCOM1, TESTCOM2 and LPTTEST which may be used to test RS232 ports COM1 or COM2 and LPT printer ports as needed. These programs execute from the DOS Prompt and allow you to test your computer port, test an attached cable, test the machine port at the other end of the cable and to determine if you have chosen the proper plug on the back of your computer. For more information, see your manual or WebDoc 102.

4. It is best to install Rybett software from the original installation disks. If you are reinstalling and these are not available, helpful hints are available in WebDoc 104. To adjust Rybett DNC software to your specific machine, use the menu pick "Machine Setup". Pressing the letter M for Menu, will display a list of setups for various machine types. For a BTR installation, choose the name of a Rybett or Numeritronix BTR product such as Camstore 2 or Exec 1501. For an RS232 connection, choose the name of the machine control such as Fanuc 04PC or Okuma OSP5000. Make sure the PC and CNC port parameters such as baudrate match. Note that it is often easier to upload to the PC (punch a file from the control) as a first step. Garbage on the PC screen usually indicates a mismatch in baudrate or parity. After a file has been successfully uploaded, use the captured file for download testing. This eliminates problems with program content that can confuse the installation process.

In addition to products for factory automation, Rybett publishes remedial educational materials for schools across the United States under the Learning Skills trade name. We host an informative site concerning sulfite preservatives in food and prescription drugs. And, we present unbiased information on magnets applied to human helath. For more information, see the links below.

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