How To Remove a BTR for Repair

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All Rybett BTR (Behind the Tape Reader) products are designed for easy installation and removal. The heart of our BTR is an interface card and harness adapted to your specific machine control model. In addition, other items may be included to complete your installation. The following table describes the various Rybett BTR configurations. The Deadhead plug may be used to place an interface into Bypass so that the machine control operates from the tape reader alone.

Exec 1501 consists of an Interface/Cabinet/Display and uses a Cannon deadhead plug.
Camstore 1 consists of an Interface/Cabinet/Display and uses a Cannon deadhead plug.
Camstore 2 consists of an Interface/Operator Box/CPU and uses a Molex deadhead plug.
Camstore COM consists of an Interface/Panel/CPU and uses a Molex deadhead plug.
Camstore LPT consists of an Interface/AX99 and uses a DB25 deadhead adapter.
Camstore 1SX consists of an Interface/AX99/Cabinet and uses a Cannon deadhead plug.
Camstore 2SX consists of an Interface/AX99/Shopbox and uses a Molex deadhead plug.

In all cases, the interface may be tested independently by using the Deadhead plug in place of the data cable. When the Deadhead is in place, the machine should operate from the tape reader as if the BTR were never there. If the deadheaded interface works with tape, there is no need to remove it for repair.

If the interface card/harness is found to be faulty or you wish to send it in for repair or evaluation, it may be removed by reversing the installation steps. Although these steps vary from machine to machine, in general the following will apply:

1. Turn off power in the control cabinet.

2. Locate the Interface card which is usually marked with a Rybett/Numeritronix label and/or a printed circuit part number beginning with the letters AX.

3. Unplug the center uP cable from the interface card.

4. Follow the outside NC and TR harness wires to a plug connector that mates with the NC control wiring. Unplug the Rybett harness and replug the NC wiring.

5. Remove the Rybett Interface card and harness. Some harnesses have additional power supply wires which must be unscrewed from terminals before removing.

6. Pack everything to be returned in a box with at least 3 inches of foam or popcorn surrounding all items.  For service, contact Bill Timm at Timm Computer (702) 897-1385.