Camstore 2 Trouble Shooting

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The Camstore 2 BTR is controlled by a small Operator Box with a Mode Switch, a pair of Reset buttons and an indicator LED lamp. This box is mounted on the control cabinet and connected via an Operator Cable to the CPU module placed inside the control cabinet. The CPU module has an 8 position DIP switch for such things as baudrate and reader speed. The CPU module is powered by 120VAC and is connected to the tape reader interface card by a black uP cable. Use the Mode Switch to select among the following tests.

BYPASS MODE is the least demanding:

Reader Bypass (quickly press Reset buttons) checks proper operation of the BTR interface card. Place a tape in the old reader and run the machine from tape. Failure in this mode may be qualified by removing the black Camstore uP cable and capping the uP interface plug with the white Molex Deadhead Connector. Failure in the Deadhead condition is almost surely a BTR interface card fault. If Reader Bypass fails but the Deadhead test works, the interface card is good and the Camstore computer has failed.

LOCAL MODE checks all hardware except the serial ports:

Local Load (hold Reset for more than 2 seconds) loads a tape into Camstore memory. Flashing errors may be caused by a poor or torn tape, improper EIA/ASCII format or a Camstore memory that is faulty or too small for the loaded part program.

Local Run (momentarily press the Reset buttons) may be used only after a successful memory load. Failure in this mode may be due to improper EIA/ASCII format, expected reader speed, parenthetic data, Camstore BTR port problems or a failure in the NC machine control.

REMOTE MODE checks the link to your DNC computer:

Setting the Mode Switch to Remote and pressing Reset will cause the Camstore to output a start code and wait for an echo and a legal mode exit command. The red Indicator Lamp will not light until a proper exit sequence has been received.

HARDWARE REMOVAL as a diagnostic tool:

In the case of system failure, the machine tool may be returned to operation using its own tape reader in the following ways. Each step represents removal of a failure closer and closer to the machine.

1. Load Camstore memory from tape and Run Camstore memory.
2. Switch to Reader Bypass and run from tape.
3. Remove the Camstore, Deadhead the uP plug and run tape.
4. Remove the BTR interface and replug the original wiring.


The following are common problems with very simple solutions. (When working inside of any electrical equipment, unplug AC power before removing lids or opening doors.)

1. Fanuc control will not run from Camstore memory.

You must place the Fanuc Auto/Manual switch on the tape reader in the Auto position. Sometimes a Fanuc 3000C control will change overnight from ASCII/ISO to EIA or vice/versa. Change the Camstore ASCII/EIA DIP switch Sw5 to match the Fanuc setup. Make sure the BTR ribbon cables are properly seated, oriented and keyed.

2. Lightning struck nearby and the DNC went down.

Replace the RS232 driver chips in the Camstore (IC part numbers 1488 and 1489 are very common). Then replace the COM port card in the DNC PC computer. Run loopback software/hardware tests if you can. Buy a Rybett Surge Kit to protect against future strikes.

3. I upgraded computers and the DNC software quit working.

Make sure your new computer has good serial COM ports. Run loopback software/hardware tests to identify and test the COM ports. Make sure a conflicting mouse driver is not unintentionally launched by your boot files. Note that ports COM1 and COM3 are not independent and share a common IRQ line. Same problem with COM2 and COM4. The DOS MODE command is used by Rybett DNC software. Make sure you have not installed an older version of MODE on your new computer. Set a PATH statement to the DOS directory.

4. Sometimes I get a flashing red light when downloading.

If this is an occasional error that cannot be correlated with particular part files, perhaps it is caused by electrical noise. Be sure you are using shielded RS232 cable and move the cable away from any power lines or arcing equipment.