Camstore Menu Software Notes

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Camstore Menu DOS software (formerly Camstore 3) is a friendly file transfer program for a single machine tool. Easy setup for hundreds of machine types from a default menu of both CNC controls and BTR interfaces that even include Numeritronix Execs and Rybett Camstores. Camstore Menu software includes a 25 foot cable to connect a PC COM port to your machine. For more than one machine, consider the Executive DNC upgrade described below.


Executive DNC software allows separate directories for as many as 64 machines connected via manual or automatic switches. A true binary editor handles exec tape files. Executive DNC has hooks for integration with other applications and icons for use under Windows 95/98. Executive can be your primary DNC or a laptop maintenance tool to backup a complex data distribution system.


These hook notes apply to all current versions of Rybett software including Camstore Menu, Executive DNC, Phantom and TextLink.

Camstore software hooks allow other manufacturing applications to be cleanly integrated into the overall DNC system. These hooks provide two methods of interaction with third party software: program calls from the Camstore menu and various driver/hook programs that may be run from many other software programs.

Camstore Menu is built around a list of operations. This list is called the Operator Menu and may be customized by the user. Simply edit the C3MENU.MNU file to alter the Operator Menu as follows:

    (Final Prompt) Row, Column, Message
    (Menu Item 1) Row, Column, Message
    Command Line
    (Menu Item 2) Row, Column, Message
    Command Line
    (Menu Item 3)

The "Row" and "Column" are just numbers to place "Messages" on the display screen for Menu Items and the Final Prompt. The "Command Line" may be an internal Camstore function or any DOS program that you wish to execute. An 8 character "Password" is optional and protects access to any Menu Item. The internal Camstore functions available as commands are listed below:

    Downfile:  File selection and download functions
    Upfile:  File selection and upload functions
    Editfile:  EDIT File selection and calls EDIT program
    Filesel:   USER File selection and calls USER program
    Fileutil:  File selection and utility functions
    Filecopy:  File selection and copy functions
    Machdef:   Machine Setup Page functions

The two commands Editfile and Filesel prompt for a filename, then pass this filename to the program indicated on the command line. In the case of the above list, EDIT stands for the name of any editor and USER denotes any user program name. If you don't want Camstore file selection screens to precede your program, you may enter any DOS program name as a command.

Many of the programs popular in the manufacturing sector give the user means to interact with other software such as Camstore. For instance, dBase allows the construction of Command Files that look very much like Basic programs. If called with a command file as a parameter, dBase will load and run automatically. So, for instance, the Camstore Operator Menu could call DBASE COMFILE which would run the command file COMFILE.

Camstore Driver and Hook programs allow other applications to use Camstore to transfer DNC files. There are three basic drivers and matching hook/batch files that may be used by other programs. The drivers may be called as command line functions with parameters to specify operations and filepaths. The matching hooks are simple batch files that change directories and call the drivers.

    CNC.EXE and CNCHOOK.BAT for CNC machines with RS232 ports
    CAM2.EXE and CAMHOOK.BAT for Camstore 2/COM BTR units
    LPTBTR.EXE and LPTHOOK.BAT for Camstore LPT BTR units


Program: CNC.EXE [Machine] [Options] [Filepath]
[Machine] is the DNC name of the machine
[Options] -d Download or -u Upload to/from CNC
[Filepath] is the name of the file to be transferred from the download directory or the complete path to another directory.

For instance, assuming the Machine is CNC_Machine, the Options specify a serial CNC download and the Filepath is C:\Tapes\XYZ123, the following command could be used:
CNC CNC_Machine -d XYZ123.NC

Program: CAM2.EXE [Options] [Filepath]
-d Download to memory
-l Dripfeed long files
-u Upload from Cam1 RAM
-r Upload from Cam2 reader
-p = COM1 or COM2 computer port

For instance, assuming the BTR device is a Camstore 2, the Options specify a dripfeed download from COM2 and the file is C:\Tapes\XYZ123, the following command could be used:  CAM2 -l -p=com2 XYZ123.NC

Program: LPTBTR.EXE [Machine] [Options] [Filepath]
[Machine] is the DNC name of the machine
-d Download tape once
-l Loop tape download
-u -i Upload from reader
-o=xxx Sprocket delay time

For instance, assuming the Machine is Camstore_LPT, the Options specify a loop tape download and the Filepath is C:\Tapes\XYZ123, the following command could be used: LPTBTR Camstore_LPT -l -o=100 XYZ123.NC


Camstore Menu software is compatible with both Windows 3 and Windows 95/98 when operating in DOS emulation mode. It is not compatible with later versions of Windows such as NT or XP. Camstore Menu may be installed from the Windows RUN prompt box using either:

From Drive A: A:INSTALL N [machine letter]
From Drive B: B:INSTALL N [machine letter]

2 Camstore 2 or Camstore COM BTRs
C for CNC machine with RS232 port
D default or custom machine setup
L for NC machine and Camstore LPT
S special Spanish operator's menu
X replacement for Exec 1501/2 BTR

EXAMPLE:   INSTALL N 2   (No changes to Autoexec Sets up Camstore 2/COM)

Note that the parameter N as used above permits installation without changing your autoexec.bat file. Install the software and follow the DOS instructions on the previous page regarding machine setup.

If you have trouble reading the messages during installation, click the "full screen" button in the upper righthand corner of the frame. After the disk is installed, press <Enter> and Windows will prompt you to read all messages and close the task. (For Windows 3, the RUN function is accessed by clicking "File" on the main menu at the top of the Program Manager screen. For Windows 95, the RUN function is accessed by clicking "Start" on the taskbar at screen bottom.)

You may add Camstore Menu to your Program Manager or Desktop using normal Windows tools. The specifications are:

Program: C:\CAM3\CAM3.EXE
Directory: C:\CAM3

For best performance during upload (input to PC computer), use a full screen DOS display mode rather than a window. Windows 95 performance can generally be improved by checking the "Prevent DOS from detecting Windows" properties box. Under Windows 95, the following properties are recommended:

Windows 95 Performance Fast ROM Emulation: Check
Prevent DOS Programs from Detecting Windows: Check
Properties Dynamic Memory: NO CHECK
Foreground Screen Saver: NO CHECK
Quick Edit: no check
Exclusive Mode: no check
Background Always Suspend: NO CHECK
Termination Warning: check
(Idle Sensitivity at mid-range and shortcut keys all checked)