CNC RS232 Installation Notes

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The controls, interfaces and reader/punches listed below have been
tested and documented for Rybett DNC applications. Use the Setup
Program (M)enu option to preset parameters for any listed machine.
The notation "Standard Cable" means that a Rybett COMPUTER cable
(with lines 2 and 3 crossed) may be directly attached to the target
serial port without a special adapter. Otherwise, an adapter or a
special cable is required. "Dripfeed" capability (running very long
files directly from the serial port) is noted in the final column,
although special options may be required. For instance, Fanuc 6
controls need a "Remote Buffer Option" available from Fanuc to
implement dripfeed.

Control Model Recommended Cable Dripfeed
============= ================= ========

Actrion III Special Cable No
Allen Bradley 7300 Special Cable No
Allen Bradley 82/8600 Standard Cable Yes
Allen Bradley 92/9600 Standard Cable Yes
Anilam Crusader Standard Cable Yes
Aries Amadan 04PA Standard Cable No
Aries Fanuc 04PC Standard Cable Yes
Autopath 6X Gender Swap/Cross No
Bandit Control Special Cable No
Bendix Dynapath 10/20 Special DB15 Cable No/10 Yes/20
Bosch Trumpgraph Standard Cable Unknown
Bridgeport Boss Special Adapter No
Bridgeport EzLink Special Adapter Yes
Bridgeport EzTrak Special Adapter No
Camstore 1 BTR Standard Cable Yes
Camstore 2 BTR Standard Cable Yes
Camstore LPT BTR Printer Cable Yes
Camstore Local Port Per CNC control N/A
Cincinnati 850/950 Cross Over Adapter Yes
Cincinnati 900 Standard Cable Yes w/DLine
Cincinnati 1000LS Converter Box Yes
Controls West BTR Special Cable Unknown
Decitek Tape Punch Gender Swap Adapter N/A
Deckel Dialog 3/4 Special Adapter No/3 Yes/4
Deckel Siemens 3 Standard Cable Unknown
DSI Tape Punch Gender Swap Adapter N/A
Dyna Mechtronics Standard Cable Unknown
Exec 150 BTR 20mA Converter No
Exec 1501/2 BTR Cross Over Adapter Yes
Facit 4046/7 Punch Gender Swap Adapter N/A
Fadal CNC 88 Gender Swap Adapter Yes
Fanuc O Standard Cable Yes
Fanuc 6 Standard Cable Yes w/RBuff
Fanuc 10 thru 15 Standard Cable Yes
GN (Siemens) 800 Standard Cable No
General Electric 1050 Special Adapter No
General Electric 2000 Standard Cable Yes
G&L 8000 Control Gender Swap Adapter Unknown
GNT 4601 Tape Punch Cross Over Adapter N/A
Greco Mini-File Cross Over Adapter No
Haas Control Standard Cable Unknown
Heidenhain Control Standard Cable Yes
Hitachi Seiki HT20 Standard Cable Unknown
Hurco Desk Programmer Standard Cable No
JAPAX Control Standard Cable Unknown
K&T CNC Punchout Special Adapter No
Maho Control Standard Cable Unknown
Mazatrol CAM M-2 Standard Cable Unknown
Mazatrol M32 CMT Port Standard Cable No
Mazatrol M32 EIA Port Standard Cable Yes
McDonnell Actrion III Standard Cable No
Mitsubishi Meldas Standard Cable No
Mitsubishi NC9F Special Cable No
NUM 720F Control Standard Cable Unknown
Okuma OSP 500M Gender Swap Adapter No
Okuma OSP 5000 Gender Swap Adapter No
PMC Spectrum Standard Cable Unknown
Seicos M-2 Standard Cable No
Servo Products 7501 Crossover Adapter No
Sharnoa Special Cable Unknown
Siemens Sinumerik 800 Standard Cable No
Sodick Standard Cable Unknown
Tree Journeyman Special Cable No
Yasnak 2000 B/G Special Adapter No
Yasnak LX/MX 1,2,3 Standard Cable Unknown