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The basic premise of the brimstone theory is simple: disturbed metabolism of the oxides of sulfur cause autism. In particular, sulfite is not properly processed resulting in low levels of beneficial sulfate in blood. Avoiding sulfite in food and sulfur dioxide in drugs can help. Also, a diet rich in sulfate may be preventative. Unfortunately, sulfate in our water supply has been reduced by the well intentioned cleanup of the environment. This problem is easy to correct by adding sulfate to water or switching to sulfate rich bottled water. But first, we need to prove the theory is correct. That is the goal of the research project described below. This is an invitation for you to help.

Mothers Project: If you are the mother of a child with autism and wish to participate, just send an email to and include your shipping address. We will send you a single page questionnaire, two plastic vials and a postage prepaid return box. Simply fill the vials with unfiltered or filtered tap water of the same type used during your pregnancy. Then place the vials and completed survey in the return mail. A copy of the questionnaire is shown below. The project is privately funded and there is no charge to you. We appreciate your interest and your help.

Mothers Project Questionnaire: We are conducting this survey to investigate the role of sulfate in drinking water as a risk factor for autism. To protect your privacy, no personal information will be shared or published, only state and national averages.The results of the survey will be posted on this website. We are not interested in selling anything. We simply want answers to the root cause of autism.

Water TapIncluded with the questionnaire are two plastic vials which should be filled with samples of water of the same type that was used during your pregnancy. Hopefully, you still drink such water or have convenient access to it. Sample #1 is for unfiltered tap water from your public water system or private well. Sample #2 is for filtered water which could be from a pitcher like Brita or an installed cartridge system. When returning the vials, please be sure they are securely closed, wrapped in an absorbent paper towel and sealed in the included plastic bag. Place the bag and completed questionnaire in the small box and drop it in the mail. It is already addressed and postage has been paid. The sulfate levels in your water samples will be included in an email thanking you for your help.

Your name: ________________________ Your email: _______________________

What is the birth date of your child diagnosed with autism? _____________________

How strongly is your child affected (mild, moderate or severe)? __________________

Where did you live during your pregnancy? _________________________________

Please list the major types of water you drank during your pregnancy.
This could include unfiltered and filtered tap water, bottled water, flavored water, etc.
Then estimate the daily number of 8 ounce glasses for each type of water.
Your best guess is all that we ask.

Unfiltered tap water contained in Sample #1:   Glasses ______________

Filtered tap water contained in Sample #2:      Glasses ______________

Other water and brand: ____________________________ Glasses ______________

Other water and brand: ____________________________ Glasses ______________

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