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Help for sulfite allergy, sulfite sensitivity or sulfite intolerance ( sulfur dioxide, sulfa drugs, sulfite preservatives ).


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Sulfite Food Allergy and Autism

Like millions of other Americans, I am sensitive to sulfite preservatives and sulfur dioxide in foods and prescription drugs. Sulfites give me headaches that last for 24 hours, though the most commonly reported symptom is asthma.  In 1986, the FDA banned sulfites for use on salad bars after dozens of people died from anaphylactic shock. Today, salad bars are safe but the rest of the food supply still contains sulfur preservatives.  And every day, the use of sulfur grows as American food habits evolve.  Sulfites and sulfur dioxide are most noticeable in wine, dried fruit, sulfa drugs, instant potatoes, french fries, pizza and lemon juice concentrate.  But they are also hidden in hundreds of ingredients like corn syrup and gelatin which find their way into thousands of foods. Because sulfite preservatives cause me so much trouble, I call them the Brimstone Demons.  If you suffer from asthma, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, G6PD deficiency, headache, heart arrhythmia, hives, irritable bowel, lupus, rosacea, swelling or other allergic symptoms, perhaps the Brimstone Demons are causing trouble in your life. To help with this problem, I have written a short book titled Headaches, Asthma, Fries and a Cola.  To read the free book, click No Sulfites eBook on the menu above.  If you are in a hurry, the menu pick Where to Now? contains a quick overview and a list of problem foods and additives you need to avoid.

Brimstone Demons cause sulfite allergy, sulfite sensitivity and sulfite intolerance.Sulfite allergy websites come in three flavors: pages written by doctors, by wine promoters and by sulfite sufferers. Doctors will tell you all about the human immune system and how it is responsible for our many allergies, including sulfite and sulfa allergy. It's a fascinating subject and you should research these sites to expand your knowledge base and to learn how the medical establishment views sulfite intolerance. Unfortunately, most of these doctors aren't sensitive to sulfites themselves and the best they can do is offer the advice "avoid sulfites." Of course, that's good advice - it's just very hard to do. Wine promoters are interested in all the details of wine making and are particularly touchy about the bad press associated with sulfites. Sulfites occur naturally during the processing of grape wines and additional sulfites are added at various stages to prevent unwanted fermentation. It is very difficult to make wine without sulfites and virtually impossible to age it for any length of time. So, wine enthusiasts get very agitated when sulfites are blamed for health problems, reasoning that such criticism taints their beverage of choice. For instance, it is very common for wine websites to claim that sulfites do not cause headaches. They prefer to blame this side effect on histamines, grape protein allergies, alcohol and even over-indulgence. Now, I get headaches from sodium sulfite dissolved in distilled water. I wonder how they explain that? Finally, there are websites written by people that actually suffer from sulfites. Generally, they give good, personal advice that can help you to navigate these confusing waters. I am such a person and the information on this site allows me to live a relatively normal life even though I am sensitive to only a few hundred micrograms of the Brimstone Demons.

In a new twist on a difficult problem, the oxides of sulfur may be significant players within autism. Most children with autism have very disturbed sulfur chemistry, for instance sulfite levels in urine that are 51 times normal. This is a consequence of mutations that lead to poor expression of the genes within the Moco Pathway that creates sulfite oxidase enzyme. I believe I have similar mutations that lead to my sulfite intolerance. Thankfully, I was born before the autism epidemic began and I am not strongly affected. To explain this connection, I have written another book called Autism, Enzymes and the Brimstone Demons. A summary of this book is presented under the menu pick Autism Book and a study of mothers of children with autism is described under the menu pick Autism Project.

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