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Managing Projects for Electronics, Movies and Property

Super ComputerSuper ComputerRybett Controls has a 50 year history. Over the years, we have designed and developed industrial electronics, medical devices, teaching systems, recording studios and real property. Our proprietary electronics include Intermedia programmable controllers, high performance motor drives, Exec and Camstore machine tool interfaces, industrial computers and shop automation equipment. Medical products include light stimulation devices and magnetic pain relievers along with research into sulfite food intolerance and preventable risk factors for autism. Educational materials include Learning Skills phonics, vocabulary, word structure and comprehension work cards in addition to Magnetic Media recordable audio cards. We have constructed and operated recording studios for internal use and under contract to film production companies. And we have owned real property for our manufacturing operations and managed property for others. If you have a project or a business that could benefit from our experience, we would be delighted to discuss your needs. Currently, we manage commercial property north of Los Angeles, host audio post production for the Hollywood film and television industry and are conducting an investigation into the role water quality plays as a factor in the autism epidemic. For more information, check out the educational links below. Our Learning Target website has free printable work sheets for literally thousands of basic reading skills. The No Sulfites Allergy site is a rich source of information on food intolerance caused by the oxides of sulfur. Also, it discusses the role sulfur metabolism plays in autism along with possible preventative measures. And the Medical Magnets pages offer an in depth look into magnetism, human biology and pain control.

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