Level 3 Skills and Sample Card

The front and back of the card pictured below is from the Vocabulary section of Level 3. The card number is 17A covering "Homonyms" for students at grade level.  The actual size of the card is 7.25 inches by 9 inches. Click to return to [Kit Summary] page.

Vocabulary Front Vocabulary Back

Reading Skills work cards are packaged in kits appropriate for each grade level. The Scope and Sequence below outlines the topics covered in Level 3.  Three cards are assigned to each topic; study questions are easy on the first card and are increasingly challenging on the other two cards. For instance, "Final Blend id" is the topic of three cards, "Final Blend it" another three and so on.

Level 3: Phonics

Final Blend: id, it, mp
Hard c, Soft c, Silent b
Two Sounds of Initial Digraph: ch (k)
Initial Digraph: gu, kn (silent k)
Initial Phonetic Part: qu, sc
Initial, Medial & Final Digraph: ph
Irregular Vowel Combination: au, ea, ie
Vowel o (love)
Irregular R Controlled Vowel: or
Phonetic Part: schwa

Level 3: Word Structure

Nouns Ending in y, Plural Nouns ies
Verbs Ending in y, ies, ied, ing
Suffix: tion, ward, ment, ous, teen, ship, some
Compound Words

Level 3: Vocabulary

Identifying Words Using Context Clues
Identifying Words Using Definitions
Who, Where, When
Information from Definitions
Antonyms, Homonyms, Synonyms
Rhyming Words

Level 3: Comprehension

Identifying the Main Idea Using Supporting Ideas
Sequence of Events Using Sentences, Using Key Words
Identifying The Speaker, True or False, Interpreting Tone & Feelings
Interpreting Feelings, Comparing & Contrasting, Cause & Effect
Drawing Conclusions, Riddles, Recognizing Absurdities

Level 3: Research and Study Skills

Using a Table of Contents, Alphabetical Order
Skimming and Rereading for Details, Using Context Clues
Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Glossary, Generalization
Following Directions, Classifying Items into Categories
Outlining, Charts, Fact or Fancy