Review Level A Skills and Sample Cards

The fronts of the cards pictured below are from the Word Structure and Research sections of Review Level A.  Card number 1A covers "Plurals" using a 2nd grade vocabulary while card number 15B covers "Graphs" using a 3rd grade vocabulary.  The actual cards are 9 inches high. Click to return to [Kit Summary] page.

Word Structure Research & Study Skills

Reading Skills Review work cards are packaged in kits appropriate for older students with a limited vocabulary. The Scope and Sequence below outlines the topics covered in Level A at a vocabulary level fog indexed to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.  Three cards are assigned to each topic, one at each vocabulary level.  For instance, "Verb Endings s" is the topic of three cards, "Verb Endings ed" another three and so on.

Review Level A: Word Structure

Plurals, Pronouns
Verb Endings s, ed, ing
Compound Words, Root Words
Prefixes, Suffixes, Affixes
Possessives, Contractions, Comparisons
Number of Syllables
Division of Syllables VCV, VCCV, C + le
Finding Little Words, Shape of Words

Review Level A: Vocabulary

Rhyming Words, Using Context Clues
Identifying Words Using Definitions
Antonyms, Homonyms, Synonyms
Abbreviations, Descriptive Words, Media
Special Vocabulary for Social Studies, Science, Math

Review Level A: Comprehension

Identifying the Main Idea Using Picture Clues
Identifying the Main Idea Using Supportive Ideas
Identifying the Main Idea Using Topic Sentences
Titling Using Main Ideas, Identifying the Speaker
Who, What, When, Where, Why
Sequencing of Events, True or False
Following Directions, Interpreting  Feelings
Reacting Personally, Author's Intent
Comparing and Contrasting, Cause and Effect
Drawing Conclusions, Inference
Recognizing, Absurdities, Riddles, Fables

Review Level A: Research and Study Skills

Using a Table of Contents, Alphabetical Order
Skimming & Rereading for Details, Time and Place
Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Glossary, Television Schedule
Best Source of Everyday Information, The Library
Classifying Words and Pictures, Related Ideas
Outling, Charts, Maps, Graphs, Timelines, Flow Charts, Diagrams